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Pryce Studios Newsletter Archive

Pryce Studios Newsletter
May 17, 2011 - No. 9 

Kanata Art Group

The weather on Tuesday was as good as it gets. Sunny, temps in the high teens, slight breeze, and the black flies were only just starting to get stuck on the paintings and under the collar. The morning started well driving to the art centre, and I was looking forward to meeting the group.    

But along the way, a police car went speeding past me with the lights flashing. It quickly disappeared over the hill.  As I turned onto the road to the art centre the police car blocked access. I could see the flashing lights of the emergency vehicles down the road. A woman police officer in a surly mood stopped me, but eventually allowed me to drive to the art school...but NO FURTHER!!! It appeared that a train and truck were involved in a collision down the road. (I learned that the train comes through once a week and there are no signals, so nobody looks.) Talk about bad timing. This put an end to the plan to drive down that road to paint at Pinhey's Point, a well known public park overlooking the Ottawa River and with the hills of Quebec in the background.  


Ottawa Spring


Before the art group arrived I decided to check out the immediate  area for alternate  places to paint. There was no panoramic views or bodies of water here, but something caught my eye that warranted a second look. Two trees in blossom, one small and a larger one in the background.  Suddenly I was startled by a couple of deer no more than 20 feet away that took off into the thicket. The two trees in white  blossom were partially backlit by the early Sun and set against the muted greens and purples of the background trees. In the morning the group was happy to watch my demo, and after lunch it was their time to paint, with some students venturing into the unfamiliar world of plein air painting for the first time.

  Kanata Art Group


The next morning, I decided to check out Pinhey's Point before class started. Unfortunately it was quite cold and the wind was strong enough to produce whitecaps on the river. Not great conditions for plein air painting. Like the rain and snow I've mentioned in previous newsletters, the wind is generally not your friend when painting outside. It might add drama to a water scene and keep the bugs at bay, but it tends to just be chilling or send your easel and umbrella airborne.  

In the end, the group seemed very happy that I decided to have my class in the studio. With the threatening weather forecast, we wound up spending the rest of the week indoors. Hopefully in the future, we'll have better luck with the weather and at I'll post some interesting plein air experiences from those classes.


Demo Painting

Painting in Kanata - 12" x 16" - Oil on Panel


Keep those brushes clean and ready to go!  

 Best Regards,


Pryce Studios 

 Quote of the week:

"One must from time to time attempt things that are beyond ones capacity."



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