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Pryce Studios Newsletter Archive

Pryce Studios Newsletter
March 29, 2011 - No. 3 



On March 28th, I returned to one of the world's most famous tourist destinations, our own Niagara Falls. This clear cold day in March was a far cry from the heat of July when we last visited the falls, with the IPAP group of artists. 

The International Plein Air Painters is headed by artist, Jacquie Baldini. It has worldwide membership of enthusiastic painters who enjoy the challenge of painting en Plein-Air, and the camaraderie of other like minded artists.  

Below, are photos of the Falls in both seasons: a recent photo showing the build up of winter ice, and a small painting showing the American Falls that I did summers ago.

Niagara Falls - Winter 

American Falls By John Stuart Pryce 


My good friend and wonderful painter Sam Paonessa is shown painting in summer at the brink of the Falls.

Sam Paonessa 


I hope that you enjoyed my reminiscing of my trips to one of our national treasures.
Keep those brushes clean and ready to go!   


This Weeks Topic:
"Ask John..." Red Underpainting

Gerry from Sayward B.C. writes:


"I have tried underpainting quite a few times, and I find that I paint over the color completely as I go!  How do you choose which "red" to leave and which to color over?
Thanks. Gerry"

Hi Gerry;

In regards to which underpainting should be left and which should be covered, there is no absolute or correct method. The one thing that I have noticed is that oils are able to pick up some of the underpainting and creates, in some cases, neutrals.  I say this because I use relatively dark purples and reds behind my dark greens. e.g. a clump of evergreens. They are somewhat complimentary in the colour sequence hence they mix to make nice nuetrals and a great background for higher value and higher chroma greens. 


Ragged Falls By John Stuart Pryce   

As far as what to leave and what to cover, there are no real guidelines.  It always comes down to: "If it looks right, it is right". Remember,  in oils we are working from dark to light. In my video called "Transitions" you can see at least one example of how the deep red underpainting works with dark green trees.   

I hope that this helps clarify a rather complex part of a painting.

Best Regards,


Pryce Studios 


 Quote of the week:

"I want to touch the people with my art. I want them to say "He feels deeply, he feels tenderly

Van Gogh


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