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Pryce Studios Newsletter Archive

Pryce Studios Newsletter
April 14, 2012 - No. 28 

What does your painting sound like?


I just heard one of my favourite songs on the radio: Murray McGlaughlin singing "The Farmer's Song." The simple heartfelt words and the resonance of his voice is so sincere and without pretense, it quite honestly gave me goose bumps. I sure can't sing like him, but as a teenager I thought I could. I used to play my guitar and serenade my girlfriend (and other innocent victims) with that song ad nauseum.


Irises at Shelly's Pond 

"Irises at Shelly's Pond"


We all have the opportunity to share so much through our paintings. It may not be an audible expression but it can still have the resonance and contain the emotion that we feel.  What style of music and which singer best expresses your paintings?  Classical? Pop? Country? Jazz? Rap? Does Andrea Bocelli, Maria Callas or maybe the simple eloquence of that famous poet and song-sayer Leonard Cohen best expresses your paintings?


Irises at Shelly's Pond



The parallels of painting and music are quite obvious. We have the same vocabulary when we speak of composition, harmony, texture etc. Even the colours seem to have a sound attached to them. Subjective as it may be, I hear yellow as a delicate sound, possibly a wind instrument. Red having the passion and volume of brass or even percussion. The greens are seductive and sedative with many moods that can be best expressed with a full orchestra. The blues are in my mind very emotional, ranging from the regal warmth of ultramarine blue, best expressed with the full sound of the string section of the orchestra, to the powerful, cold reality of Prussian blue played in minor chords.


Irises at Shelly's Pond
"Iceberg Study"


I am showing a few examples of how I create a mood by colour temperature. I hope that you can feel the warmth and hear the sound of the sun in "Awakening",  the cold and lonely sounds of the flute and oboe in "Iceberg Study" and "Bark Lake Sunrise", and the soft sounds of spring in "Irises at Shelly's Pond." In case you are wondering, my guitar playing days are over, much to the relief of my friends.


Irises at Shelly's Pond 

"Bark Lake at Sunrise"


Until next time, keep those brushes clean and ready to go!


 Best Regards,



Quote for today:
"You can't be at the the pole and equator at the same time.  You must choose your line, as I hope to do, and it will probably be colour."   

Van Gogh


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