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Pryce Studios Newsletter Archive

Pryce Studios Newsletter
January 04, 2012 - No. 22  

New Year - Blank Canvas


Here we are again staring at a blank canvas, otherwise described as a "New Year".


To some, it is exciting to plan and visualize what can be accomplished. Others find the limitless opportunities and uncertainty intimidating. We have the simple choice to either waste the new canvas or have a solid plan of action to accomplish something worthwhile. Most of my successful paintings where due partly to a clear image of what the final painting would look like. The parallels of art and life are striking when we look at the basic principles that contribute to success.   


In art, I see the basics such as drawing, composition and colour theory as the building blocks to development and achievement.  Some people call creative people dreamers, and it is true that a plan without follow through is no more than a dream.  Without a solid design in a painting the artist is constantly struggling and adjusting to make things work. A canvas can easily be replaced, but time is not a renewable resource. If we have a clear plan, and the one thing we do know is that there is no perfect plan. Combine this with knowledge, creativity, tenacity and some dumb luck along the way we can achieve our goals in life and in art.  Life and a painting can be complicated enough so try and eliminate what isn't important, such as the small trees in the foreground of the Spring Creek photo. Keep it simple.  

Spring Creek - By John Stuart Pryce
"Spring Creek" - Oil on Canvas
Spring Sun
Enjoying the welcome spring sun.
In this coming year 2012, I look forward to sharing with you some more of my experiences as an artist and teacher. I am encouraged to continue by the positive feedback and responses after each newsletter. This year I would like to hear even more from you with questions and stories that relate to your life as an artist.  We all benefit from this dialogue and interaction, and I for one will never stop observing, listening and learning.

My sincere wishes for you to make 2012 a year of health, happiness and creative fulfillment.

Until next time, keep those brushes clean and ready to go!


 Best Regards,



Quote for today:
"If you realized how powerful your thoughts are. You would never think a negative thought."  

Peace Pilgrim

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