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Pryce Studios Newsletter Archive

Pryce Studios Newsletter
December 12, 2011 - No. 21  

Amherst Island 2011


"It was dark and stooorrrmy day....."
Sunday the 21st of August 2011 was not what you would consider great traveling weather. The high wind and heavy rain combined with the steady stream of 18 wheelers speeding past me made what could have been a pleasant trip into an adventure. I was driving East on Hwy. 401 towards Amherst Island Ontario to conduct a week long plein air workshop with a group of enthusiastic painters.
A couple of hours later the rain seemed to subside slightly as I exited the 401 towards Millhaven in Loyalist Township. This lakeside village was home to the Amherst Island Ferry Service, (the mainland link to the island), but is better known for the large B & B (Bad & Badder) facility housing residents who have run afoul of the law. 

Unfortunately, I had missed the 3.00 o'clock ferry, but as I waited for the next scheduled departure the skies began to lighten and out of the mist a ghostly ship slowly came into view.  


Within a short time we were driving our cars onto the deck of the ship and soon on our way to the Island.  The rain subsided and the skies began to clear as the Ferry glided smoothly across the choppy cold water of the Bay of Quinte.

On the Ferry

Suddenly the Sun broke through the cloudy sky and a rainbow appeared lifting my spirits and prompting many of us to leave our cars and climb to the upper decks to get a better view.  


It seemed like a good omen and as we approached the Island I could see the farms and landscape of the small town of Stella that was to be our home and painting subject matter for the next few days.  


On the last day of our week on the island, I decided to do a small painting capturing the sun rising over the small cove at the lodge where we were staying. It had to be small and it had to be painted very quickly as it didn't take ol' Sol long to dominate the morning sky and totally change the color palette. 

Sunrise at The Lodge
"Sunrise at The Lodge on Amherst Island" -  9" x 12" - Oil on Panel
The Group
Our group at the front porch of The Lodge on Amherst Island.

If we look happy, it was because we had thoroughly enjoyed each other's company and the time painting together. The great facilities at The Lodge on Amherst Island with the wonderful staff made it a happy and memorable experience.

My sincere thanks to everyone!


(I also would like to give a special and belated thanks to Heidi Holmes for that wonderful photo of the elk in my last newsletter.)  


Until next time, keep those brushes clean and ready to go!


 Best Regards,



Quote for today:
"When I work, I work very fast...but preparing to work can take any length of time."  

Cy Twombly

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