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Pryce Studios Newsletter Archive

Pryce Studios Newsletter
November 11, 2011 - No. 1

Buttermilk Falls

The first snow landed in Newmarket, Ontario this morning, reminding us of the season to come. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were trying to keep cool in the sweltering heat of summer. One week in August, I had the privilege of sharing my experience as a Plein Air painter/teacher with a group of artists in Haliburton Ontario. This was through a course organized by Fleming College. One of the areas that I chose to paint was a local waterfalls that (I think) is named "Buttermilk Falls". (I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.)  


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We arrived as a group in the morning to the dismay of a young couple hoping to have a romantic picnic beside the falls. We moved downstream and left them alone as we set up to paint.  

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The day seemed perfect, with comfortable temperatures, great light, and the only sounds of my words of instruction and encouragement against the soft muffled roar of cascading water. We enjoyed this idyllic setting for about an hour or so and then things started to change. A few voices were heard upstream and then a few more. Then a family appeared and then another group of kids with floatation gear and inner tubes. Kids started to scream with delight as they splashed and floated down the river. It turned out that this was a favorite area of people to spend on a hot day.  

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 Here are some sequentials of my demo of the Falls.

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I resisted the temptation to insert some of the people into my painting, as I decided to keep the painting as it was captured earlier in the day.    

Until next time, keep those brushes clean and ready to go!


 Best Regards,


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"Lest We Forget..."  

In honour of those who gave all; to my Dad, wounded at the Normandy landing with the British forces and no longer with us,   

and to my Grandfather who was wounded in WWI. 


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